Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Number of days it took to get to Delaware: 3
Number of pottery barn outlets we happily went to: 3
Number of days it took to get to Utah: 4
Number of times Clemon took off his seatbelt just to get a rise out of Tice and I: I lost count at 48...
Number of times we listened to They Might Be Giant's for Clemon: 27
Number of new Glee fans within the Sirmans family: 1, Emme.
Number of times we listened to Glee songs: Not sure, but it was the soundtrack for our trip.
Number of siblings Emme has nick named Glee after: 1, Gleemon
Number of Holiday Inn's we stayed at with a sweet indoor water park: 1
Number of times we had conversations about back fat bras: 2
Number of times we watched the Muppets "Mahna Mahna" for Andrew: 31
Number of times Christian got mad at us for singing "Mahna Mahna": 31

We made it to Utah. The Wasatch Front has never looked so good to me.
It's real easy to forget how exhausting road trips with three young ones can be when all you can think about is how excited you are to sing along to Glee, and search for two awesomely named convenience stores across the street from one another, with one of your most favorite of people. Big shout to Tice, for rubbing Clemon's feet and making this road trip tolerable. xoxo


Tice said...

Buying the Muppets on DVD at the Costco in Delaware may have been your best decision ever. Oh and "High Five!" is officially my new theme song. "Keep it cool. Old school."

Roadtrip '10 will go down in history as that time I became an ace foot massager, fantastic redbox finder and pro McDonald's drive thru orderer. Amazingly good times. Too bad we didn't bring out the camera even once...

ps- You forgot number of times someone uttered the words, "That's rude, right?" and then number of times everyone laughed: countless. Also, telling Andrew that we're closer to Heaven because we live in the mountains was one of many highlights, I'd say.

Ramsey said...

There's a Holiday Inn with an indoor water park? WHERE? I totally want to road trip there!
Oh and have fun in Utah. I'll be there the end of the month. HOORAY FOR SLC!

Meg said...

LOVE the "back fat bras" coversation. So glad you are here....finally....and in one piece. Can't wait to see you and the youngins! :)

Elaine said...

Love all the numbers! Love all the categories! And Ellie talked about the name Gleemon, also.

Grandma Gerri said...

So glad you made it!!!! but you took your sweet time doing it.