Monday, June 21, 2010

What time is it?

Time for our annual trip to East high.
I cannot believe it's been 11 years since I walked down those halls as a student. Every time we come to Utah, seeing High School Musical is on the top of Emme and Andrew's to do list. This year Kylie and Caroline added it to theirs, too.

Sharpay's locker was the hit of this crew. Whoever gets to have those two lockers are so lucky. I would have loved to have had a pink locker instead of the insane asylum white lockers I crammed my books in.

Buzz Lighter tagged along with Andrew, but he wasn't all that impressed with East high.
He kept saying "I'm Buzz Lightyear" throughout the entire tour. Yes... we get it. You're Buzz Lightyear, sheesh loueesh.
Psst, I think Mr. Lightyear is letting the fame get inside that plastic head of his. He was such a snob- having to be carried everywhere and whatnot.

Is it just me, or are there any other East High alumni's who feel there urge to sing the school fighting song when they're in the field house?

Clee bonded with the Leopard. They're now buds. The leopard even let Clee stick his hands in his mouth and poke him in the eye. That's to show you just how close they got within the 2 minutes they shared together. Lucky...


Meg said...

11 years? Do you really have to say that? I feel old now. An very behind schedule when it comes to my "biological clock". Hmm. Anywayz....can't wait to hang out again!!!!

Elaine said...

Love those photos! Walking down Memory Lane, are you? It's great!

Lindsey said...

Umm, I'm with Megan... 11 years!! Whoa.

And, what the what?! with the next generation playing in our high school!

Tice said...

Lori says you're our claim to fame with your East High roots and your Forks tours. Sad that I missed the middle aged obsessed woman who took up with y'all. Stupid work.

Grandma Gerri said...

Bummer I never get to make this little outing. Oh wait there was one time right after I totaled my car and my right arm. But I had to sit in the van the whole time.