Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where do you take your Beatle crazed five year old when you're visiting Utah? To 4th West and 2nd south, of course. An artist by the name of Jann Haworth and other local artists created this life size mural for all of SLC to see. And oddly enough even though I never noticed this mural until last year, the first phase of the mural was complete on November 19, 2004- the day my little Beatle man was born.
All three children (yes, even Clemon) thought seeing this mural up close was the bees knees, but it was Andrew who stared at it in awe. He loved it, but wasn't sure why four of his favorite people weren't colored in. He thought maybe the artist could remember who was who so they were going to go home, look at the album cover, come back, and color it in.

... but Andrew knew who was who. That wasn't too surprising.

Can you tell who's who without looking at the Sgt. Pepper album cover?
Neither could I.


Elaine said...

Awesome mural!! I can totally see how Andrew would love it. And yes, I'm sure he knows all the Beatles. Love that he thinks they need to be colored in!

Tice said...

I'm not sure on the who's who. I'm glad I have Andrew around to set me straight on such matters.

Meg said...

I love how little Andrew is looking up in awe at this! I can't wait to ask him who is who....I don't know either. Pfft.

Grandma Gerri said...

I would definatly have to look at the cover but it doesn't surprise me that he doesn't, smart kid, and very serious about his obsessions.