Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emme and Kylie do broadway...

... well kinda.
Emme and Kylie participated in a drama camp all this week and put on a rendition of Beauty And The Beast today at Raging Waters. I haven't been to Raging Waters in over 14 years... nothing has changed. Seriously, nothing. Has. Changed.
Last time I went, I went with Meghan. It was really a no brainer to have her come along.

The girls did a fantastic job playing their parts as a candy girl, and suit of armor. They recited every line on cue, and they were hands down the best of the bunch. That's a fact- not an opinion, just sayin'.

After the play we had our fun under the sun, covered head to toe in our spf 70. We play it safe.

And to answer your question, yes- I squealed while going down almost every slide.


Elaine said...

Such good and cute granddaughters - they sure do look good on stage! Congrats, girls!!

Meg said...

First off, I was once taught that you are supposed to poke a gator in the eye if and when it attacks you. Why is Emme not doing that? Hmmm. 2nd, Beauty and the Beast was AUH-MAZ-ING! Props to Emme and Kylie! 3rd, I will confirm that Natalie did squeal down every slide. Just like the good ole days at "Rage"....except our thighs giggled up all those damn stairs. At least there were still some worse looking peps out there than us. Seriously. Same old Rage. Good times Nat! Never thought I'd be holding on to your 5 year old son with the death grip, being responsiblie for his life and all on the "White Lightening" slide. Geesh. Loved it!