Friday, July 16, 2010

This is a story about a mom, her two boys, and the mall parking lot. For their protection, the names of the persons and mall shall remain nameless.
The mom and her two sons: son A, and son B, were walking back to the van after a cool summer stroll in the mall. As they were headed towards the van, son A picked up a rather large rock from the parking lot's rock garden. Before the mom could react, son A threw the rock (because throwing objects is a new thing son A likes to do) at a Mercedes Benz. To make it extra fun he had to do it right in front of the cars owner. The rock missed the fancy car by what seemed like 5 inches. I was The mom was so relieved. She really didn't want to have a breakdown in a mall parking lot, of all places.

Fancy car owner: You are one lucky little boy.
The mom: He's lucky? No I'm lucky.
Fancy car owner: (chuckles) Yeah you're right.
The mom: We are very sorry.
Son A: ........

Son A skipped the rest of the way back to the car- giggling up a storm. The mom wasn't as giddy, although she really should have been. She dodged a rather large car insurance bill by 5 inches.


Amanda said...

You are SO lucky! That is awesome, thanks for sharing! You must have been doing something right to get that lucky! I borrowed my mom-in-law's car and a little boy threw a rock at it and it shattered the back side window, luckily it got taken care of smoothly but that mom wasn't so lucky!

Karen said...

Whew...that mom was lucky!!! Just trying to figure out which son is A and which son is B!! We miss you guys! Looks like you are having all kinds of fun adventures out there in the west!

Betsy said...

Thank God Son A has a bad aim! haha.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

No Kidding! This mom was way lucky! Sounds very familiar to something my son A would have done many moon ago!