Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At 7:09 am mountain standard time, Clee officially turned 8. I remember snuggling up to my big lipped new born like it was yesterday.Has it really been 8 years already?
Clee started his big day by eating a Burger King breakfast Grammy had brought, by the pool. Brittany and her bunch joined us for some water fun. Clee showed off his wicked awesome back stroke several times. I guess you could say he wanted to make a wave on his birthday. He certainly kicked things off with a splash. Heh.

After the swimming fun was done, he skyped with Grandma. They made blowy faces at each other, giggling the whole way through.

It was time to get his par-tay on. He chose once again the Cars theme and to my surprise wanted to wear a Birthday ribbon. He still thinks that ribbon is the bees knees.

He was the host to wonderful guests which made his party even more rockin'.

Clee's not a cake lover, but he is a fool for a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut. A doughnut cake sounded fitting for a boy who had just turned 8.

You'd think the boy who loves to blow out my smelly candles as fast I can get them lit would love to blow out his Birthday candles, no? No. He was above such things.

Clee got some great gifts. Even Andrew approved.

We were all par-tayed out by the end of the night.
The end.


Betsy said...

happy day to your sweet Clee! got a wonderful picture of him! I think that is the best pic I've ever seen of him! And his shirt collar is still there! LOL!

I could get into a doughnut cake like that! Yum! And so easy on the mom! My boys don't eat cake either.

School start soon? We have 8 days left! Woo hoo! :)

Grandma Gerri said...

Happy Birthday Clee sorry I wasn't there. Love you!

Elaine said...

A very great day! From morning to eve!

Meg said...

So great! I love this kid. Looks like you gave him a pretty amazing b-day. Ps your couch is SO super cute with your pillows/quilt on it!

Tice said...

My kids said, "That's an amazing cake." That's right. I keep the bar low 'round these parts.

I remember that morning like it was yesteryear. Being woken up quite early to watch Miss Emme in the hospital cafeteria. Good times.

Happy Birthday, Mister Clemon.

ps- Loving your quilt behind him. And those green pillows? To die for.

Karen said...

I had so much fun at Clee's party...and yes, the doughtnuts were a great idea....all the round circles making the number eight!!! What a special little (well, big) guy!!

kristi said...

Yum...Krispy Kremes. Looks like a great day.

The Sanders Family said...

Love the cake! B-day candles are So different form mom's candles at our house too. Kids are too funny. Looks like a great day!