Monday, August 16, 2010

I really don't post many religious topics, but I felt the need to type this one for my benefit at least.

Clee was diagnosed with autism in the summer of 2004. The thought about whether Clee needed to be baptized came to mind soon after. I shrugged it off, knowing his 8th birthday was 6 years away. I would seriously think about it then.

Today is the eve of Clee's 8th birthday. In my faith 8 years old is the average age for baptism. After praying and meeting with our bishop, we've come to the conclusion that Clee cannot be held accountable for sin, ergo will not be baptized. The bishop expressed to me how much he enjoys having a strong spirit such as Clee's in our ward. He even noticed Clee's strong spirit missing from church when we were on our long summer trip, and felt it return our first Sunday back. My eyes swelled with tears after the bishop told me Clee will go strait to the Celestial Kingdom which we believe to be the highest kingdom of heaven. How lucky is he? Now all we as his family have to do is make sure we make it there with him.

Even though the decision has been made, I still struggled with the reality of it all.
I'm taking the wonderful experience of baptism away from Clee. Does he even know? How can I be certain he won't be held accountable in the after life? How can I be certain I won't be held accountable?

I prayed about it countless times, but now was the time to ask for a pointblank answer. I needed a blunt sign knowing this was the right thing to do. I got this email from my dear friend Melissa the next day. It's a quote that made her think of Clee, from a church magazine circa 1973:
“This spirit is so special in God’s eyes. That he was sent to earth for his mortal body in such a way that he cannot be tempted by this world. He will return to God as pure as he came. You have been chosen to take care of this special spirit. Try to understand him for he certainly holds hands with God.
... if that's not a pointblank answer, then I don't know what is.

I find it still a little weird to not be planning a baptism at the same time I plan for one of my children's 8th birthday, but I at least now feel like it's the right decision.

It's a great honor to know Heavenly father chose Fiel and I to nurture and love one of his special spirits.
Having Clee in our family is a huge blessing, and I'm so grateful that each member of our family thinks of him that way.

We will leave the possibility for baptism one day open, but for now it's nice to know at least one Sirmans is going strait to heaven. I worry about the rest of us, sometimes.


Tice said...

He's an angel. Give him some birthday kisses for me. *nom nom*

Meg said...

You will definately be right there next to him in the CK. Clee is a very special person that has and will continue to touch so many lives. Happy Birthday Clee! I'm so graeful to know you!

Elaine said...

Such a great post - thanks for sharing with us. We've always known how special Clee is to us. The quote is perfect for you and Clee - I love it - Thanks to Melissa for finding it! It surely is wonderful to receive such a great answer to prayer.

Karen said...

What a nice post. The article is certainly relating to Clee and others such as he. How special you are to be his mom. I enjoyed his birthday party..I feel special just to be able to be there. Love you guys!

Grandma Gerri said...

We have all always know how special Clee is and that his spirit is beautiful. I wish all of our prayers could be answered so beautifully and bluntly. Happy Birthday Clee.

The Sanders Family said...

I have to admit, my lesson did kinda revolve around the two of you. Knowing such wonderful people made it all to personal and I cried like a baby. My mom thinks your an angel, I think she's right.

Kim said...

Aw, Natalie, I just love you. Thank you for sharing this. I loved reading about how perfectly your prayer was answered. Shout out to your friend who was ready to be used as an instrument in His hands to help do His work. I love little Clee. I am also grateful to know for sure we have at least one Sirmans who will be exalted. Gives me a little more motivation to get there, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just want to let you know that I'm so happy that your family is doing so good.