Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you amazon,

for sending my five year old a piece of overly priced garbage instead of a super cool and durable proton pack backpack for school. I only wish it was you who had to endure the wrath of the five year old, when I told him I was sending the ripped piece of overly priced garbage backpack back to the Amazon's where it belongs.
If I could be reimbursed for the reaction of said five year old, you amazon, would be broke.

Thanks to you, I now owe someone a pair of hideous buzz lighter light up shoes. That does not. Sit. Well with me. Just sayin'.

PS: I'm all out of newish to me episodes of The Big Bang Theory to watch and I am irate! This is in no way your fault, but I'm gonna blame you anyway. So there!

Ending rant and rave... now.


Tice said...

Oh dear. Have we lost our faith in Amazon?

Grandma Gerri said...

So sorry you have to buy those shoes again. I hope you took a picture of said backpack before returning it. I can only imagine the reaction but I'm sure I have seen something similar. are you calm now?

word verification: refixry (couldn't let that pass sorry)

Betsy said...

Maybe you won't be able to find the shoes! :)

Here's to finding a wonderful backpack replacement! Enjoy your Monday! woo-hoo!~

Meg said...

Well, for rude Amazon!

Elaine said...

At least he was fine the next day and just told me nonchalantly that it had a rip in it.