Friday, August 27, 2010

Today I was awoken by Andrew, who had a surprise for me waiting on the kitchen table. The thought: Oh dear... quickly came to mind.

Me: Is this a good surprise? Or a bad surprise?
Andrew: It's a breakfast surprise. I made you breakfast, mommy... look it's right here.

And there it was, a bowl of milk with a smidgen of soggy frosted flakes. He even made one for Fiel. I should have known. When he wakes up early enough to make his own breakfast, he always makes sure to make me breakfast as well. I pretended to eat my breakfast and throw it down the drain when he turns away like I always do, because I don't have the heart to tell him I prefer to make my own.
He can be so sweet sometimes. Emme, too. I know she helped pour the milk.
It's the nice little moments like this that make my squinty eyed five year old's daily tantrums tolerable.


Elaine said...

He got my breakfast one Sat morning also. I do not know how he poured from the gallon container but he did! I loved it!

annie said...

How sweet!!! You have fabulous kids!

Tice said...

What? You don't like your cereal soggy? So bizarre...