Monday, August 2, 2010

We went to Moab on our way out of Utah last week. Holy cow it was the bees knees. Can you believe in my 23 years of being a Utahn, I've never been there?

Everyone was diggin the sights, even grumpy britches Clemon.

You'd think a half mile hike to see the Delicate Arch would be a breeze for three young children, but no. Emme and Andrew acted like they were dying. They were spatting nonsense like:

It's sooo hot.

Are we there yet?

What kind of mother doesn't bring bottled water on a hike?

This is taking for-ever!

I'd rather sit in the car for 7 hours straight than do this hike.

Gahly they were getting on my nerves, but there was one child who was happy-go-lucky and tugging along with a smile... Clemon. I'm not gonna lie, he has been one grumpy kid this summer, but he always he seems to know when to be cheery when the others are being bratty. It's a blessing, really.

One of these days when the kids are older and we're not in the dead heat of summer, we are going to actually make the real hike to delicate arch.

Ahh yes, both of these pictures will forever remind me of the time Clee made a run for it down the hill when we least expected it. Oh that silly boy of mine.

We also went to go check out the four corners of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Unfortunately it was closed for construction. That was a roadtrip sight seeing fail if there ever was one.


Lindsey said...

Shoot, I would have spared the disappointment by telling you about the 4 Corners closure. We saw a sign for it somewhere along our way in Moab. Trust me, not that awesome...

Glad to see you had fun!! We will be back there in May to maybe do the real hike to Delicate arch with the boys.

Elaine said...

Such a blue sky! And wonderful and amazing photos of God's wonders. I can just see Clee racing down! He takes off so fast.

Tice said...

Y'all make Moab look guud. Especially you in that shirt. D.ang.