Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in Utah, we were lucky enough to have our family portraits done by Katherine Wallin. She's the sister of a Connecticut friend who also took the kids photos two years back. She did such an amazing job with the kids, that I knew I had to have her take ones of our family.
Once again, she blew me away. I may be biased, but I have one cutie cute family. Even though we're super duper cute together, we're also extremely hard to photograph.

Example: You've got Clee looking away or trying to run away from the camera. And then there's Emme focusing on getting Clee to look at said camera. While Andrew is, well... being Andrew. And last but not least, you have Fiel blinking while I'm taking to whoever's listening.

See? This spells P H O T O G R A P H Y D I S A S T E R, but with a talented photographer and amazing technology, the disaster turns into something like this:


...and this.

Goodness. We are so sweet with one another when there's an audience. Boy howdy.

I was floored when I saw the pictures of Emme. What a beautiful babygirl, I have. Is she really that mature looking? When did this happen?

Let's face it. This boy is a knock out, but he was also a little stinker during this photo session. I was so giddy when I saw that Katherine was able to capture his personality and some really good takes.
I love, love, love his two front teeth, ps.

Speaking of stinkers, Andrew was in rare form the day of the photo session. He is devilishly handsome, though.

Me and my sweetheart. "Do I really look that old?" came out of both of our mouths.

What's a family photo without Andrew showing off his true colors?

By golly. I love my little family.


crissy said...

Um, hi. You have a beautiful family! Gosh, you all look amazing! But seriously, what is Emme doing, looking so mature like that? She is gorgeous! Where did the cute little toddler, who ran up and down Green street, go?

Brittany said...

I'm jealous! Awesome pictures. You guys are so cute!

Betsy said...

absolutely adorable! Those photos are sooo perfect! It almost makes me want to take my family to Utah just to have her give a go at my boys! :)

Tice said...

If I could draw a heart on all of these a la Perez Hilton, I totally would. And then I'd write adorbs and lurve all over them.

Grandma Gerri said...

Just beautiful is all I can say. she did a great job. you all look wonderful, beautiful, cute, handsome, etc.

Elaine said...

Great photos!! I've already had some developed for me. Love it when Andrew makes the family laugh! And Clee giving love to his Mom is priceless! And you parents do not look old at all to me! That Emme - she is growing up - so pretty and helpful with those brothers.

katherine said...

you're pretty much my new best friend.

thanks for the shout out and adventurous shoot!!

i love love love these.

Meg said...

I think one of my fav things about Andrews pics is his band-aid! I love that kid! These are seriously gorgous pictures Natalie! You are definately right about having a cutie cute family!

iamwoman said...

Fantastic pictures! And I would know;)