Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conversations between husband and wife

... that quickly becomes a trip down memory lane.

A few weeks back:

Fiel: ... Like the time you hit the wall with my Lexus and then let believe I'm the one who did it?
Natalie: Yeah, like that. I couldn't tell you that I hit the wall with your Lexus, Fiel. You would have broke up with me. I was doing it for our future children...

I. Am. Sooooo thoughtful. Can you hardly stand it? You are so welcome, Emme.

Here's the long story. Back when Fiel and I were dating, he wore this amazing Ralph Lauren leather jacket, and bought this fancy shmancy Lexus. It was black and so was the jacket. He spent hours (and I mean hours) installing nitrous to make it go faster.He installed blue head lights to make it look even that much cooler. He had fancy tire things that sparkled and shined. It was his baby. He wouldn't dare let anyone drive it.
That is until one cold snowy day when we were watching a movie at his apartment and I needed to go home. He was really into the movie so he threw me his keys and said "here. Don't crash." Wow. He was really trusting me with his pride and joy? He must really love me- that or he really loved that movie.
I had two years experience of driving in snowy conditions, I thought I could handle driving 2 miles just fine.
I turned the Lexus on, put it in reverse, pressed a little on the gas, started to slide, and hit the cement wall behind me. I didn't even make it out of the parking lot, people. I suck. I didn't even bother getting out to see the damage until I got home. There it was. A big gash on the drivers side back bumper. Oh man. I was in big trouble. My mom just gave me a "oopsies" type look and went back in the house. I contemplated my options for a while. I could either a) tell him, and then he breaks up with me, or b) Say nothing at all.
I went back to his apartment where his roommate Ben was yelling at Fiel for how unfair it was to let me drive the Lexus when he's been asking for weeks. I knew if I told Fiel in front of Ben, I would never hear the end of it from Ben. I handed Fiel the keys, and said nothing. Maybe he won't even notice.
The next day I came over after work. He was looking at the back of the Lexus. That wasn't a good sign. I got out of my rad baby blue 4Runner and casually asked "so... watcha doin' ". He replied "I think I ran into something-look." There it was. My gash. I wanted to tell him then and there that I was the one who made it, but then he would ask me why I didn't tell him the night before. He would break up with me for sure, so like a coward I kept my mouth shut- thinking I would take this secret to the grave. I was such a dramatic teenager. Geeze.
7 months later he traded in his black Lexus for a Grey one (which I also had a minor snow accident in- with baby Emme and pregnant Tice in the car), but that's not when I decided to tell him. No. I didn't tell him until 2 years later. You know, after the wound had time to heal. He took it pretty well, I think he secretly knew it was me.
Do I feel guilty for what I've done? Of course. Lying or in my case keeping silent is never the right thing to do. But it helps to mend those wounds knowing that five years ago, when our van was brand spanking new, Fiel rammed into a pole in an empty NY mall parking lot. He left a much bigger gash on the gold front passenger side bumper. I've had to look at that gash everyday since. At least his was black and in back. Just sayin'.


roommate Ben said...

I think I went to that Black and in Back concert back in the day. Just sayin'.

(verification word: joyin. Indeed.)

Tice said...

Ah the Lexuses. Lexi? I'm still a big fan of the purple Dodge Neon he and I shared before he got all car fancy on me. If I could fit my peoples in a Dodge Neon, I'd so be driving one right now.

The question is where were we going when we got in that fender bender? Somewhere important?

Elaine said...

Oh, I do love history!!

Lindsey Montague said...

Seriously, your blog is on my to do list EVERY DAY since I get a nice chuckle after a looong day!


Lindsey Montague said...

Seriously, your blog is on my to do list EVERY DAY since I get a nice chuckle after a looong day!


Meg said...

I LOVE THIS POST! So a "Natalie" move!