Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been on a serious Heart kick as of late. Blame it on either my mom subjecting me to her Heart fanatic side as a youngin' or my excellent taste in music- the choice is all yours.
The funny thing about listening to Heart is that I have childhood memories linked to quite a few their songs.

Magic Man reminds me of playing Barbies in our Logan Ave home, being mad and yelling at my dad because he was singing along with said song, while trying to fix Ken's head. Ken had an unfortunate accident involving him, Barbie, Barbie's Corvette, and the next door neighbors boat. Barbie was an instant goner. Sorry to report Ken did not survive as well. I think my yelling at my dad was the deciding factor of Ken's fate.
I had a phase where it really bothered me when a man would sing along to a song that had a female singer and vice versa. The phase was short lived when I started wanting to sing along to songs that had male singers.

Crazy On You reminds me of the time my mom was dancing and singing along, while trying to reach something on the top shelf of the closet. Instead of being successful at grabbing that one thing she reached for, EVERYTHING on the top shelf came toppling on her head. I remember three things vividly: 1. Piles of miscellaneous items falling on my mom. 2. Her calling out for my dad in a panic sort of manner. 3. Her saying "This isn't funny, Nat!" while trying to keep her balance.
Oh mom the thing is... it was funny.

Barracuda reminds me of my moms famous hippie shimmy. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out.

Never reminds me of Bozo The Clown and hot chocolate. I can't seem to remember why the song reminds me of those two. Perhaps it's a disturbing memory that I must keep repressed down inside. I mean this is Bozo we're talking about. To this day Bozo and hot chocolate go hand in hand, in my mind. You say "hot chocolate" and I think of pointy red headed creepy clown.

What About Love reminds me of watching my mom belt out the lyrics inside her sweet orange Ford Pinto wagon with the bubble back window. That is the first memory of her grabbing her seatbelt, giving it a quick intense yank, and letting it flip back to her chest. That's right folks, my mom is a passionate seatbelt yanker. If you are ever so lucky to experience this, please tread lightly. She's either a) singing her heart out, or b) really, REALLY mad. You don't want to be near the latter if at all possible.

Yes, Heart takes me back in time. I love when something as simple or complex as a song can trigger a memory you wouldn't have otherwise remembered. Heart is one of the many music staples of my childhood. Man, I sure grew up with some pretty fantastic tunes.

Thank you mom, and dad for making me listen to more classic rock and less Tony Toni Tone.


Betsy said...

♥ :)

Tice said...

Ah, Bozo the Clown. I always wanted to win the Grand Prize Game. Or is that another clown show I'm thinking of... Anyhoo, he and Archway cookies go hand in hand for me.

Also, your mom owned an orange Pinto?! Lucky. I'm looking at buying an '87 Mercury station wagon. If only I could find one in orange... with wood grain, of course.

Grandma Gerri said...

I still love Heart!!! I'm glad you do too. What do the little ones think? In my defence most the time when I flip the seat belt it's because it is rubbing on my neck. But I do probably do it a bit more elaborately when angry though.

natalie said...

Probably? Uh no. Most definitely.

Meg said...

"Fantasy" by Mariah Carey reminds me of you and me driving up state st in the gold honda...singing the entirely WRONG words! Oh those were the days...