Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is Emme working on her science homework. She has to draw the moon every night and report it's changes. She thinks science is boring, but she gets to use the binoculars uncle Chuck gave her over the summer for this assignment. I think any opportunity to use those sweet, sweet binoculars is win-win scenario. Since she's been getting a close up view of the moon, I've been waiting for her to tell me that the moons face looks like this:

... because it so does. I don't think she's noticed it yet. I'm starting to get discouraged.

While we're on the subject of science, Andrew thinks science is going to set the earth on fire and the earth will then break off into tiny pieces throughout space. He tells me this every time Emme goes outside to draw the moon- oh and that the sun is made out of plasma (his knowledge of science comes from They Might Be Giants). He even made a picture of the earth on fire one night. I'm not gonna lie, this freaks me out.


Meg said...

Well, don't tell him about the 12/12/12 theory. That is the LAST thing you hear about that one for the nest 1 1/2 years. :O

Grandma Gerri said...

He's guessing or it might happen a million years from now quit being such a worry wort if it happens it happens and we'll see each other in the after life. No worries. Love ya!

Tice said...

This cements my need for binoculars, just so you know.