Friday, October 1, 2010

Andrew had his very first parent teacher conference today. I was prepared for the worst, but low and behold it was pretty darn great!
Let me explain why I was prepared for the worst. We have two verbal extremes in our household. There's Clemon, who doesn't speak a single word, and then there's Andrew who makes up for Clemon's lack of speech and then some. I'm not saying that a bad thing. I am very grateful for Andrew's talkative personality, but I'm also fully aware of how disruptive it can be at times. I thought for sure Andrew's talky talk would be a major concern for Mrs Howard.

So back to parent teacher conference.

I learned that he does indeed talk a lot in class, which I already knew, but it's not in a disruptive sort of way for the most part. It's to ask questions about the lesson. Very impressed.

He cracks his Mrs. Howard up with the things he has to say. She especially enjoys his famous squinty eye when he asks her a question. Who doesn't enjoy that, dare I ask?

There's a boy who was briefly in Clemon's classroom last year who is now in Andrew's class. When the boy is doing something thats not typical for the task they're on, Andrew tells Mrs Howard that his brother acts like that sometimes and then helps the boy to get back on task. This melts my heart, folks. I love how my children naturally want to help and include, instead of poke fun at children who are a little different.

He's a smarty pants. Uh dur.

One day they were reading Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth and as soon as Mrs. Howard said the title, Andrew demanded her to give him the phone so he could call her mom, because she said something not nice. Gee, that sounds familiar. He demands me to do that everyday.

He's a University of Florida gators fan, and does the gator chomp (?) with his buddy, Dylan. News to me. I could have sworn he was a loyal Georgia fan yesterday...

And last but not least, he wears 5 different Beatles shirts to school, but says he can't remember any of their songs when Mrs Howard calls on him to sing one. Does anyone believe this? Just this morning he was singing "Woke up. Got out of bed, and dragged the comb across my head...".

I seriously have no idea why I was so worried about this parent teacher conference. Andrew is one fantastic kid. Who wouldn't love him as a student?


Elaine said...

Exactly! Who doesn't love Andrew? I'm glad he likes school!! And he is a very kind little boy.

Brittany said...

I can just picture Andrew squinting. What a cutie!

Betsy said...

He contributes to the class and helps the boy with a little need. Awesome. Such character for a should be SO proud. Not to mention he is just so darn cute!

Grandma Gerri said...

You have some very bright children there. Andrew must be a little shy because I know he probably knows more Beatles songs than his old grandma that grew up listening to them. What a sweet smart little boy. Gotta love him.