Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lane invited us to Orlando this past weekend, to spend the day at Universal Studios. We all had a great time with the exceptions of technical difficulties, being too short to ride the roller coaster, getting our vacation shirts wet, and a huge shark trying to eat us.

We were stuck on our first ride for almost 10 minutes. Clee did so well just sitting there for most of it. He started to get antsy towards the end and I knew if they didn't get this ride started back up soon, Clee was going to have a meltdown. Luckily the ride started working again, and the meltdown was avoided. Clee's meltdowns are something to be feared. That's a fact- not an opinion.

The new Harry Potter attraction was pretty cool and pretty crowded. People love them some Harry Potter up in there. Lane and Emme went on a crazy looking coaster, but poor little 43 inch Andrew had to stay behind. He was so sad... but all was well again when we found another Harry Potter roller coaster that he was just tall enough for.

The Dr. Seuss attraction was a major hit amongst the two little boys. They both loved the easygoingness of each popular book themed ride... well almost. The One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ride got us a little wet. Andrew was not pleased that one side of his "vacation shirt" was a little wet. The look on Clee's face was priceless while Andrew was ranting and raving over said shirt. It was a "Really? You're crying over this. Really?" kind of a look. If Clee could talk, I can only imagine what he would have said to his younger brother during his hissy fit.

And then there was da. da. daaaaaa, Jaws. I take some blame for this next incident. I should have told Andrew there was a huge mean shark trying to eat us on this ride even if at first, it appears to be similar to the funny Disney Jungle Cruise ride he knows and loves. I don't think about these things, whatcha gonna do. Poor Andrew chose the wrong side of the boat to be on. Andrew told me he was totally freaked out when the flames bursted out of the oil wells, but the worse was soon to come. Just when Andrew thought the ride was almost over, this ginormous shark came out of the water and Andrew was right in the middle of the action. I couldn't blink faster than how fast he jumped onto my lap. He was shaking, and crying. I felt so bad. On the way home from Orlando he drew a picture of that dreadful ride...

... This might have scarred him for life. Oh well, we all have something, right?

I'm making this sound like a trip to the amusement park of doom, aren't I? It really wasn't. We really did have fun. Look, I have the pictures to prove it.

Out of all three children, Andrew has been the only one who likes meeting the characters. He's the type of kid this stuff was made for. He loves it. It really is cute, just how much he loves it. I could honestly say he would have waited in line all day just to get a picture with SpongeBob, but the actual 10 minute wait was long enough for me.

Clee and Andrew both thought the Curious George park was the bees knees. If you look hard enough, you can see Emme and Fiel smack dab in the middle - just realizing we were dragging behind.

Andrew almost got smashed into smithereens by a huge man and his huge foot. Emme couldn't be happier.

Emme attempted to walk the dog, but by the looks of things- the dog is walking her. heh.

Aside from almost becoming fish food, we had a great weekend. The kids really love hanging around, or in this case on uncle Lane.

What the hay, they love hanging on Dad, too.

... Clee thinks they're all looney.


Meghan said...

SO FUN! I love how your kids do fun poses for the camera! They are a hoot. More pictures please.... :)

Natalia said...

Looks like fun! ...is it odd that I can recognize that you're eating at Zaxby's, even though there is no signage visible?! :D

Grandma Gerri said...

Looks like you all had a good time but Clee may be a little right about them being a little looney!

natalie said...

@ Natalia- Not odd at all. :) We loves us some Zaxby's. It has surpassed Chick-fil-a in our hearts.
BTW, we need to get together one of these days...