Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sirmans family guide to pumpkin carving:

First we start out by posing for pictures at the photo op stations, scattered around local pumpkin patch.

We're kinda pros at posing for pumpkin patch photo ops, so please don't be intimidated by our skills.

Secondly we pick out our pumpkins. We make sure they're not too big and not too small, but just right for little ones to carry to the car on their own.

Clee wants you to pick out a pumpkin.

Then we take our pumpkin home for some good old fashioned bonding time. Andrew prefers to do so by watching Cat In The Hat with his pumpkin.

Next we draw our faces on the pumpkins....

...Followed by gutting and carving.

You're done with the yucky stuff and the faces look amazing. Now you're ready to place your pumpkins in the area of your choice. We chose the front porch.

When the fun is over and done with, we like to fall asleep on our sisters lap while watching Twitches on the Disney channel.

Wait just a day or two and your pumpkin will be filled with spiders, fruit flies, and mold from the humidity. That's a great halloween treat.

To my dismay, I must report that our pumpkins didn't even last 4 days before caving in from decay. That's what a humid week will do to a pumpkin.

ps: I typed craving instead of carving not once but twice in this here post.
What a knuckle head.


Sweet Pea said...

I can't wait to go see all of you for thanksgiving!! its gonna crazzzeee

Grandma Gerri said...

Great fun it looks like was had by all. Did Clee not get a pumpkin? :(
I love the moldy Eye. Next year you'll have to do it closer to Halloween.

The Bowes said...

When ever I have a bad day I always read the sirmans blog. I laugh my head off and instantly feel so much better! the end.

Karen said...

Love all of your pictures...what a fun night at the pumpkin patch...Tallahassee's finest!!?? It reminds me of the days that Andy, Alex, Amanda and Amelia visited that same patch...not much changes in our town!

Elaine said...

Great photos!! Great writing!! Great pumpkins!! Great kids!!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

My three (Chad, Caroline and Kirk) did their pumpkins yesterday. I know, I know, you wish I had taken pictures. Chad always takes a cute picture!

Meg said...

creeeeppy moldy pumpkin! Love it. These are great pics! Your kids are darling, as always!