Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The birth story of Andrew Wyatt- 6 years later

Six years ago tomorrow, I was told I was going to meet the baby boy inside of me that night- 5 1/2 weeks before scheduled.
Our original due date was December 18th, Fiel's Birthday, but was later changed to December 26th. We were planning on moving to Connecticut at the end of December, after the baby came. Fiel left for Connecticut in October to start his new job, while the kids and I stayed behind waiting for the baby to arrive. With Fiel having already moved, we had to schedule the baby's birth by the timing of when he came back to get us. Our inducing date was set for Tuesday, December 21st. We would have the baby home by the 24th, have Christmas in Utah, and leave a few days later. It was the perfect plan.
That is until I had my routine visit to the ob. Dr. Carlton is her name, and she was a little concerned I was measuring smaller than I did the month before. It was most likely due to the baby dropping, but she wanted to make sure, so she ordered an ultrasound for that Thursday, November 18, at 4pm.
Elaine was in town for a visit and staying over at Sally's at the time, watching Emme and Clee while I went to my ob appointment. It was her last day in Utah before she headed back to Connecticut. When I came back to Sally's, I told them what the doctor had said. Elaine even joked about staying an extra few days just in case the baby came. We all doubted there was anything to worry about. In fact I was excited to go in for a bonus ultrasound. Whatever it took to see my sweet little baby, right? Right.
That Thursday morning felt all out of sorts. Clee was extremely clingy and whinny which was so out of character for him. Even on the way to Sally's before my ultrasound, Emme asked me if I was going to have the baby that day. I dropped the kids off at Sally's, told Lane I'd be back in an hour or so and left. I could see Clee crying as I drove off. It was a pretty sad sight.
I met my mom at St. Marks women's pavilion and we went in to see my baby via ultrasound. There he was, still cute as ever, but I noticed the technician was taking an unusually long time. He said he'd be right back. We waited 20 minutes or so when he came back with a doctor. They both looked at the baby for what seemed like an eternity. The doctor finally said he didn't want to concern me, but they needed to hook me up to monitors for additional testing. Ah yes, the stress test. I wasn't a stranger to the stress test, in fact I've done numerous stress tests before, because lets face it- I kinda tend to worry... a lot.
5:45pm rolls around and I'm still hooked up to the monitors for over an hour, which wasn't too unusual. I thought I was almost done so I made a quick call to Sally's house telling them it was taking longer than excepted and I'd be there as soon as I was done. Just as soon as I made the call, the doctor came in.
He said he had news, and it wasn't the best news. He told me my placenta had been deteriorating. My placenta at 33 and a half weeks, looked more like a 42 week old placenta, which would be past due. The baby was in distress. There was more technical talk. It all went over my head. He said he wanted to ensure I would give birth to a healthy and living baby. I would be induced that night. Then he said, You know... rather be safe then sorry. Uh... I guess?
My delivery room was already waiting for me. I was in shock. I couldn't stop shaking. I could not believe I was having this baby within hours.
It wasn't until minutes later when I realized Fiel wasn't there. In true Fiel fashion, he was hard to get a hold of on the phone. Elaine was the one who finally got a hold of him to tell him the news. He called me, to make sure I wasn't over exaggerating. My reply to him was: Well I'm in my hospital gown waiting for the for the man (anesthesiologist) with the magic (epidural) to come. So yeah, no over exaggerations here. ...Jerk. I thought that last part.
The realization sank in that he wouldn't get here in time to witness the birth of his son. The soonest he could be there was early the next morning. Meh. You've seen one, you've seen 'em all, right? Or is that just a thing Fiel and I say? Does this come across as insensitive to you? So sorry. I do feel bad for him, I must admit.
He didn't let on to me that he was too upset, but Elaine said he was pacing her main level hallway the entire night. That's a sure sign that Fiel's either worried about something or, in deep thoughts. Maybe both?
At 7:30pm my mom left the hospital to pack an overnight bag, and to pick up my camera.
By: 8:30pm I was drugged, induced, and contracting in that order. All the while my mom came back, and Clee was over at Sally's crying nonstop.
At 8:45-9pm: Dr. Carlton came in to measure my stomach. According to her measurements, baby was around 3lbs. Her measurements were about 3 pounds off with Clee, so I assumed they were with this baby, too. Oh and I was right, btw.
Still being worried about an unconsolable Clee, my mom and I contemplated whether or not to pick him up and keep at the hospital with me.
9:30pm: I was briefed on how the hospital handles premature babies. I was prepped for when as soon as baby arrives they would take him to a tiny portable bed thing (er, I'm not good with terminology), give him oxygen through a tiny mask, introduce him to me as my son, and whisk him away to the NICU where I wouldn't be able to see him again until the next morning. I cried.
10pm: Sally assures me for the second time that everything was under control and to leave Clee in her care. I am very grateful for Sally and Amanda's patience with Clee who continued to cry all night.
11:30: Nurse brings in the tiny bed that awaits my baby.
11:55pm: Baby's ready. Then came a crowd of 4 nurses and 1 pediatrician just for the baby. I started to push.
On November 19th at 12:09am: Baby Sirmans was born with a head full of white hair, weighing in at 5lbs 3oz.
He was perfect. Just perfect. Just like the nurse said, they took him to the tiny bed where all 4 nurses and pediatrician huddled over him so tight I couldn't see what was going on. Then the doctor handed him to me all rapped up in a bundle of cuteness.

I only got to hold him for a few seconds before they took him away. That was it. I wasn't allowed to see him again until 5 am. It was the strangest feeling, not having him there with me. 1:30am came around quickly and I was being wheeled off to my recovery room at the same time as another new mother holding her new babe. She looked at me and then looked down at my empty arms. This is really bad timing, I thought to myself. My heart hurt after that, but luckily for me I was too exhausted to dwell on that moment. I crashed for the night as soon as I was in my recovery bed.
I woke up at 6am, eagerly waiting to see my little bundle of joy. My mom already beat me to the punch. She had called our bishop and 1st councilor in for a blessing around 5:30. She warned me he was in an oxygen tent, that it looked scarier than it was, and not to cry because it was routine.
She went to pick up the kids and then to pick up Fiel at the airport a little after 6. That's when I went to see my baby for the first time since we met. She was right, it did look scary. Him just laying there nudie in the tiny little oxygen tent. I sat next to him, holding his hand until Fiel arrived then I let Fiel have a turn.
The nurses wanted to make a name tag for his soon-to-be bed, but the only problem was he didn't have a name. We had names in mind, but wasn't sure about any of them. I knew I wanted Wyatt in the name, but Fiel didn't like it as a first name. He wanted something more traditional from what we've used in the past. A name that people could actually spell. I guess Emme (also known as Emmy, Emmie, Emily) and Clemon (also known as Cleeve, Clemens, Cleu, Cleef, Cleman...etc) aren't traditional enough for his taste. Hmpf. Andrew was the only name we both liked, him more so than I. I still wanted Wyatt as a first name. It was decided, Andrew Wyatt was his name, and off the nurse went to make his name tag. About an hour later Andrew Wyatt's breathing was strong enough to do on his own and he was transferred to his tiny hospital bed where he would stay for the next 2 weeks.
Andrew gave us quite a scare, but he was certainly worth it. He continues to be a bright beam of joy in my life... for the most part. I couldn't imagine our family without him. According to Fiel, he makes our family complete. For the time being, I agree.


Elaine said...

Lots of memories! That little stinker Andrew, he had to be born early because he just wanted to get here and get going - and he's been doing that ever since. Ya'll drove to Connecticut when Andrew was two weeks old - Fiel wanted his family with him - we were very thankful when you all arrived safely and we saw Andrew for the first time - with that blonde hair sticking up all over - the cutest thing ever!!

Grandma Gerri said...

Yep I remember it like it was yesterday almost. He was almost as impatient as his mother. Just had to be here and get started with things. and if you can see past the redness in his little face he still looks pretty much the same. What would we all do without him.

Betsy said...

Awww...what a story!!

And happy 6th birthday to Andrew!

Meg said...

Baby 4 on the way? Ha! I can't wait! As for little bundle of Joy Andrew...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you share all your 6 year old wisdom with us all. Seriously. :)