Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 was a success. Emme was a blast from the past 50's girl. She enjoyed twirling in her poodle skirt just as I imagine any girl from the 50's would. Clee went as Jack Skellington, a family favorite from Nightmare Before Christmas. He was a big hit when it became dark out and his bones started to glow. Oooh spooky. And in true Andrew fashion, he went from wanting to be Luigi- super Mario's brother/ side kick, Buzz Lightyear, Jesus- no joke, back to Luigi, to finally deciding on a robot, but not just any old robot- a robot powered by Apple... You know, for the Apple geek of a dad.

The kids made out like trick or treat bandit's, even Papa got into the halloween spirit.

Halloween 2010 was a hoot and a holler, but I'm so glad it's over. My spooky spirit has officially fizzled.


Tice said...

Of course it's powered by Apple. Y'all would have it no other way. I dig Papa's costume. He's so festive.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Looks like a blast! You guys start trick or treating early, in the daylight. What's up with that?

Betsy said... should have let him be Jesus! That would have kept all the goblins away for real! hee.

They all look SO cute! I can't stay out of the candy! help!

Brittany said...

Love the pictures! We had so much fun with you guys!

Grandma Gerri said...

A robot powered by Apple is one awesome robot, Clee looked great it's nice to see he finally has skeleton legs, Emme couldn't be cuter. All the kids look great, even the big one.

Karen said...

That was a great night seeing the kids together and having so much fun...and a great dinner by CF!Great pictures of everyone!