Friday, November 19, 2010

Me kissing Andrew circa December 2004. Before he could talk and tell me it embarrasses him.

The baby of the family isn't such a baby anymore. He may act like one from time to time, but he's technically not one. Andrew turned 6 today. He's a full blown kid. How on earth did that happen? I thought I told him to stay a baby forever? He never listens to me. That's such an Andrew thing to do.

Was it really that long ago when he was the spiky haired baby who would stare at me from his bouncer-roo, just waiting for me to look at him so he could give me that squinty eyed, crooked- open mouth smile that completely adored?

Is he really the kindergartener, I ran into at his school the other day, who told me not to kiss him around his friends?

He was the one who told me last night that just between me and him, he'd always be my baby. I can even hold him like one every once in a while. Only on his terms, though.
Fair enough, bud.


Tice said...

Ellie says, "It's your birthday! Poo-pichu poo poo pichu."

I remember when baby Andrew's head was the size of a baseball. Aww... Happy Birthday Andrew! Tycen's sorry that he couldn't fly in for the occasion. Maybe next year.

Grandma Gerri said...

He's grown up sooooo fast! Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!!

Elaine said...

How sweet! Cute, cute little baby boy!

Trent and Amelia said...

awww... I love these pictures old pictures you pull out of you and your babies. I seriously can't get enough. Too cute for words.

Karen said...

That picture of Clee is so darn sweet...and I can't believe how grown up Andrew is...we enjoyed the big #6 at Chuckie Cheese!