Monday, December 6, 2010

Sirmans 2010 Christmas Newsletter

Hello dear Family and Friends! How is it possible 2010 is coming to an end? This year has certainly gone by in a flash, but oh the things we've done and accomplished within these 12 months.

We moved to a new rented home in February right down the street from the kids school. Our newer neighborhood is in a cute, quite, and hidden suburb on the SE side of town. For the first time in the history of our little family, we've been close enough to walk home from school. We enjoyed our half mile each way walks home from school earlier this year, but since then the kids have protested walking home in the Florida heat and humidity. I can't blame them. The current Florida weather is lovely, so I hope to kick our home from school walks back into gear real soon.

Back in June the kids and I picked up Tice from the Atlanta airport, and followed Elaine and CF on a road trip to Delaware to see our oldest nephew graduate from high school. My van hit the big 100,000 mile mark on our trek to DE which was exciting. It seems like only yesterday I was driving her brand new self off the lot with only 5 miles under her belt... From there, Tice and I hit the road once again and made our journey to Utah where the kids and I spent 5 weeks with my mom. We had a blast visiting with family and friends. When it was time to come home, Fiel flew into SLC and we rode back home with a little stop in Moab UT first. I would love to back to Moab when it's not 105 degrees outside.

This August our family hit a huge milestone. All three kids are now in full time school. Six plus hours of sweet weekday freedom is mine for the taking, but to my dismay it's not all fun and games. Just because the kids disappear for a few hours a day, doesn't mean I have all sorts of time to lollygag. There are still mounds of household chores, and family errands to do. That's basically what occupies my weekday freedom, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I do love my mommy duties, and truth be told I sometimes miss the sounds of those yelling and demanding youngins... gah did I just type that?

This year has found me well. I'm still the fun lovable lady everyone adores (cheesy grin and a wink). I've been keeping busy making our house a home and making sure it's being run and maintained properly for the most part. I have my days where cleaning and laundry can wait a day... or three.
My mom bought me that sewing machine I've been longing for last Christmas and I took her out of the box for the first time in May. I attempted to make Clee a weighted blanket. Five broken needles later, the blanket was a disaster and back went the sewing machine into the box. I still want to learn how to sew, believe it or not. There's even a sewing club that meets at my church on the same date and time Emme's there for activity days. I want to join in on the sewing fun one day, but as of right now I'm sew (heh) over it.
Seeing that all three kids are now attending the same school, I decided to do the "stay at home mommy thing" and joined the PTO (PTA in most areas) as their secretary. So far it's been a busy few months. With a welcome back bbq, cookie fundraiser, and fall carnival already under our belts, the president tells me it's smooth sailing from here.

Fiel is doing good. When he's not taking apart apple computers, or checking off chores on the never ending daddy duty to do list, he's accompanying his dad's band, Jukebox as their sound tech aka roadie as they play rock n' roll gigs in various Georgia towns.
He's affectionally known as the family go-to guy when it comes to computer issues. Whether or not he likes this term is still up for debate.
He's been deemed head nerd of the house with his various high tech gadgets and doodads. We all love and appreciate our head nerd.

Emme has blossomed into a social butterfly this year. As a fourth grader, she continues to maintain a strait A grade point average, and is the only fourth grader to be on the school's daily news broadcast.
She made a new best friend, Mamie who lives just down the street, and together they joined the schools glee club. They've already had a few performances, and they sound and look great.
She was also nominated to join the after school hawks club, which is manned by the schools art teacher. It's there that she gets to show her love and new appreciation for art, and even has learned a few new art tricks.
She was recently tested to be part of the gifted program at school because she's just so smart (takes after me, I suppose...). The results are still unknown at this time.
She continues to be a big help to me in the family department when she and Andrew aren't arguing.
She's found a new hobby in film making. She takes my phone which happens to have a built in video camera and makes mini movies staring Andrew. She is quite the little dictator director.
Emme is my definition of the perfect daughter with the occasional attitude.

This has definitely been Clee's year to shine. He turned 8 over the summer and has matured greatly within the past few months. He officially became 100 percent potty trained back in February which was a huge deal. Have you ever changed a 7 year olds diaper? Yeah... not so fun.
He continues to have a love affair with the swimming pool. He has even taught himself how to hold his breath under water and can do a killer back stroke. His back stroke is quite a sight to see. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty amazing.
He got an iPad to help him better communicate with us through an app that shows him visuals with the words beneath and will vocalize what he wants/needs for him with just a tap of the finger. He's doing well with it, but it's still a huge work in progress. I am very hopeful that one day the iPad will be his best friend and ally.
He's become more focused then ever, and is even following some spoken communication without visual prompts which is something he has rarely done in the past.
His teacher has even noticed the difference from last year which makes me proud knowing he's headed in the right direction.
With maturity comes more freedom, or so I hear. Instead of being by his side at all times, I'm trying to let go a little and give him some freedom to go and explore on his own. This has been extremely hard for me, but alas I'm doing it and for the most part he can be trusted to go off, play, and stay within mama's eye view. Did I mention how hard this has been for me? Because it so has.
He and Andrew recently became roomies with a new and adorable bunk bed to share. Clee has been more than happy to share his bedroom with his brother. Seeing my boys finally share a room makes my heart ever so happy.
He's been making more and more vocal sounds which gives me glimpses of hope he'll one day burst out in conversation, but until then the occasional what appears to be him saying "no" in protest is good enough for this mama.

Andrew the baby just had his 6th Birthday. The thought of him growing up makes my heart hurt, but his swoon worthy crooked smile doesn't let it ache for long. He's a lovable left handed kindergartener who struggles with scissors made for this right handed world. He'll try to tell you otherwise, but he loves school and thinks his teacher is awesome. He's learning to read and thinks the english language is confusing and impossible to sound out. Why isn't phone spelled fone? And who thought is was ok to put a k in the word knock? These are the complex questions I face daily.
He makes books by the dozen. He writes and illustrates each one on his own. The last few have been about Christmas, Cat In The Hat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Paul McCartney. With he and Emme's love for writing we might not just have one, but two future writers in our family.
Andrew loves life and tries to make the most out of everyday. He dislikes when the sun goes down because that means the day is almost over. He is an all american boy with dreams and ambitions of becoming the first ghostbuster/ghost hunter/ musician/exterminator/basketball playing/video gaming extraordinaire.

Well that's us in a nut shell. Our little family is growing to be pretty darn terrific, if I don't say so myself. If this is your first time visiting our humble blog and you haven't yet reached your Sirmans' fill, feel free to look around the blogs archives.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright and wonderful new year!
The Sirmans family


Amy Hansen Photo said...

Well I can guess where your kids get their writing talent from! You are such a talented writer! Everything you write is so entertaining to read.

Thanks for sharing your darling little family with us!

Tice said...

Love everything about this. Kisses to the keeds.

ps- I heard Jackson and Kylie discussing how much fun it used to be when you lived near us. Sleepovers, Sunday dinners, jumping on the trampoline... good times. Maybe we can reside as neighbors in the Pacific Northwest someday.

Grandma Gerri said...

Well you have had a very eventful year haven't you. I always thought your family is terrific. My year was eventful to but partially in a not so good ways but March, June and July were great!!!

april said...

sounds like a great year. i'm so proud of clee!!! (and yes, sadly, i do know what it's like to change a 7 year old's diaper). we still miss your family, but i'm glad things have gone so well for you in florida. lots of love.

(and if moving to the northwest is where i can be your guyses neighbors again -i'm soooo there!!!!)

Megan said... love this letter! You are a fantastic writer... So happy to see the family is doing very well and getting so big! Do miss seeing you at PBK..those crazy nights! Yes, I'm still there...ha!

The pics of your family are beautiful...

Have a wonderful holiday and fabulous new year!!!

Take Care

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Great letter. Good idea to put it on the blog. I might be copying that!
Love you,

annie said...

Natalie, Your blog and the fun things your children say and do make me happy.

I really do look up to you in so many ways. Thanks for your strength.
You really are a cool girl!

Merry Christmas!
Love ya,