Thursday, December 23, 2010

This month has flown right by and we've done some pretty fun Christmasy things along the way. A few weeks ago we accompanied the Stacy Sirmans crew up to Thomasville for a Victorian Christmas . Clee loved the big dancing head in the window display. He could have watched it all night, but it was starting to creep me out so on we went.

There was a booth where you could pay to dress up in Victorian attire and get your photo taken for a fee... We skipped the professional photo op and had our own free of charge. I'm not gonna lie Candace looks so sophisticated in that hat and my boys and I? Well lets just say we're right up there next to Tom Selleck down the line of awesome mustaches.

The boy scouts were there handing out marshmallows to roast. Andrew decided to give up after he kept burning his marshmallow, but Emme got the hang of it pretty fast.

After Clee licked the ice sculpture of a Cross, we headed over to see Santa. Clee preferred hanging out with the stuffed deer.

Emme's choir had a holiday performance and sang many holiday songs from different cultures. Emme had a solo and she was fantastic. The whole performance went wonderfully. My two boys even sat quietly throughout most of it. The choir kids and their music teacher worked very hard and it showed.

Last weekend we headed up to Maries house for the annual Sirmans Christmas party. It just so happened to be Fiel's 31st Birthday as well. A double dose for reason to celebrate. CF's brother Stevie dresses up like Santa and handed out grandparent gifts to the children. All the children got a real big kick out of it, except for Clemon. He wasn't feeling the moments holiday excitement.

Andrew went a gave Santa a big hug and later admitted he knew it was Stevie all along... that's why he hugged him. He looked like papa in a Santa suit.

We have a park that does a walk through light display every year. It's been a tradition of ours to go and although I dread the thought of going, I actually have a good time once we're there. The kids enjoy posing with every Christmas light display within reach.

The one thing I dread the most come Christmas time is making gingerbread houses. You know I'm the one building those houses and I'm the one who gets blamed when they collapse. It's a lose-lose situation, but the kids look forward to it so how can I say no?

Andrew was all over his house and he was so proud when it was done. Then tragedy struck when his house collapsed on it's way over to the tree. He was devastated and then his sadness turned into anger at me for not building it right. Geezuh. Talk about the family grinch. With him crying under the table I quickly tried to assemble it back together, and you know what? I did assemble that gingerbread house back together and I quickly went from being the villain to the hero. He wiped his tears away and took his picture with his house. It remains intact today.

I'm going to be strait forward with you. Clee doesn't care about gingerbread houses. He cares about that candy. He was not happy with me when I kept urging him to decorate his house. He finally put four pieces of candy on the top, gave me the "happy now?" look, and proceeded to eat his stash of candy. He was not the slightest bit upset when he dropped his house on the way to the tree. He just looked at it and went back to the bowls of candy.

I really went through all of this gingerbread house making nonsense for Emme because she's a fool for this kind of stuff and I'm kinda a fool for her. She has a flare for gingerbread house decorating.

Well that's what we've been up to these past few weeks. Christmas eve is tomorrow and we have a full day of getting the house back into shape ahead of us. Santa loaths a messy house.


Lindsey Montague said...

I love celebrating Christmas vicariously with the Sirman Family!! (not that we aren't, but you know...)

And I am probably gonna wait on doing houses till my kiddos are a bit bigger. But since I see you brave it every year, then I can add it to our sparse tradition list.

(we are stretching it this year, seeing as we are all alone)

Merry Christmas to YOU!!

Meg said...

You are seriously the best mom I know! Your kids are SO lucky. I'd love to just be a fly on the wall at your house. A visit is in order soon! Miss you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS (loved the card, by the way;)

PS love Andrew in his Luigi costume; even better that it wasn't even addressed in the blog...cause it's COMPLETELY normal. ha!

Grandma Gerri said...

Gosh how I wish I could be there with you all during all the festivities. But you all seem to have a great time. I'm just doing the boring usual but am way behind on the Christmas cards but they will go out late or not.

Brittany said...

How fun! I can't let my kids catch me looking at your blog. They'll get jealous at all the fun you guys are having. What a cute Luigi!

Karen said...

Looks like Christmas is not so bad in Tallahassee...How do you find all these fun things to do!!! Merry Christmas!