Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whilst walking into school's book fair:

Me: Does it embarrass you that I'm wearing my jammie bottoms to your book fair?

Em: No, those jammie bottoms are awesome.

Heeeeeeeeck yea they are and comfy cosy too.

In retrospect I would have been mortified if my mom came to a school event in her jammie bottoms. Guess it just goes to show who's the cooler nine year old: Emme


Tice said...

I wore my jammies to Whole Foods tonight. So comfy.

ps-Love, love, love our present. It's sitting next to the tree.

Grandma Gerri said...

was there any doubt?

Betsy said...

After Michael Jackson wore them to court, everyone in Taylor's class wore them to school. I doubt the trend will die very soon! :) And yes, you are a VERY cool mom!

Kylie C. said...

are you sure that is what she said?:)