Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I watch Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. There I finally said it. Fiel says he's embarrassed, ashamed, and uncomfortable enough for the both of us.


Tice said...

If I had cable this may very well be a serious decision for me as well. However, the budget fairy finally convinced the sisterwife to turn off the cable and turn to netflix where we now stream old episodes of The Office (despite the face that we own it on dvd) along with a plethora of documentaries.

Grandma Gerri said...

Never seen either and don't plan to. So I guess I'm with Fiel on this.

Elaine said...

We're talking about MTV, right! I found a show on MTV called "Made" - love it! Saw one about a teenage girl wearing black, with pink hair wanting to be a pageant girl. Love transformation! Also, one about a very tall boy wanting to be a Basketball player. CF did walk in and ask "Why are you watching MTV!