Tuesday, January 11, 2011

about the time I wanted Danny Tanner pjs

Emme has been watching old episodes of Full House after school on a regular basis for a while now, it was only a matter of time before I shared my "the time I wanted Danny Tanner pjs" story with her.

The year was 198something. I was about to host my very first sleepover. Mom even bought a brand new tv from the rent-to-own place just in time for the occasion.
The day before, my friend was raving about the brand new Uncle Jesse pjs her mom had just bought her. This particular friend (I can't recall her name) had a HUGE crush on Uncle Jesse. In fact, the entire girl population in my classroom all had huge crushes on Jesse. All but me. I had a HUGE crush on Danny Tanner. Yeah... I was the only one. Weird, right?
Later that night I expressed to my mom my desire for new Danny Tanner pjs to wear at the sleepover. She took me to Fred Meyer, where we searched high and low for my Danny Tanner pjs. We saw tons of Jesse ones. We even saw ones with Michelle on them, but not a Danny Tanner pj in sight. My mom was discouraged. She even had the gall to say maybe they didn't sell Danny Tanner pjs, because Danny was the dad- not the heartthrob. HOW DARE SHE???
After looking everywhere for Danny Tanner pjs, we decided to ask a Fred Meyer associate for assistance. Oh how I remember the sound of her teenaged smirk right before she said, "wow... this is the first time I've heard that one before. " I must admit, by that point my Danny Tanner crush was starting to get a little embarrassing.
I came out of Fred Meyer empty handed that night, with a hurt heart. That was the day I realized that my crush on Danny Tanner was a little odd, so I kept mute about my feelings on the subject for a long while.
In retrospect I've always been a fool for tall and skinny. Just look at Fiel.

Oh and the famous sleepover? It was canceled due to alcoholism. Now that's another story for another time.


Tice said...

When I glanced at the title of this post I swear it said, "It's about time they made Danny Tanner pjs" to which my reply was going to be, "Please let me buy them for your birthday no matter the cost." Sadly, after reading the post, I've gone back to my belief that you will never have your Danny Tanner pjs. Perhaps I'll make you some with Fuel's face on them instead.

Lindsey Montague said...

I'm ready for that "other" story any time!

And I actually read this whole post aloud to my hubby, since we have Full House conversation probably more than we should... but we're 80's kids, right?!

Grandma Gerri said...

Ha! to the internet I go.

Meghan said...

I still love Full House and will now confess to actually watching an episode or two here and there when I get home from work. ha! I once got to meet Stephanie, but remember being disappointed when Jessie wasn't there.

Elaine said...

We will all now look for those pjs! Very good story!

Kim said...

Love this story! Natalie, I'm a fool for the tall, thin, smart and funny. I can't say I had a crush on D. Tanner (though I raced home each day from school to watch that show)! My friend Amelia & I pretended we were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. An obsession that spurred from Full House, of course.

I seem to recall that you also have a love for the show Modern Family, as do I. Fancy Phil? Me too;) Tall, thin, funny, goofy (and smart...in a feelings kind of way, at least). He's like a modern Danny Tanner!

Angela said...

I just had the most wonderful time reading your blog. But I always do. Thanks, I needed that!