Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't mean to brag or anything, but my son can number 2, read a Thomas The Train book (yes actually read! Success!), and sing at the same time. And when I say sing I mean belt out the lyrics to We Are The Champions.

I'd like to take full credit for such a talent, but I'm not really a fan of Thomas The Train. And like I told Andrew, I don't care if Ringo Starr once was the conductor on the tv series. My stance on Thomas remains the same.


Betsy said...

What an interesting combination! lol!

Tice said...

Wow. I mean, I knew he was talented

ps- Always found Thomas to be a little dullsville. I like my children's television to be a bit more spunky.

Meghan said...

agreed. To the whole post. And congrats to Andrew!

and PS...saw some ghostbuster key covers and wished Andrew was old enough to appreciate keys. ha!

Grandma Gerri said...

I don't care how or why he reads, I just love that he does. If it's not something that is teaching bad habits don't complain about his reading material. And if my memory is correct he loved Thomas before he loved the Beatles, right? (you know what they say about the memory and age)