Thursday, February 24, 2011

When you tell your 6 yr old not to run because he's going to fall, it becomes inevitable. He will fall. And it's also inevitable that it will happen right after your nonverbal 8 yr old signs the sign for swing and you reply "Yes! Let's go to the park!"
Today wasn't any different. Andrew was running down the hill, I told him to be careful, then tripped over the uneven side walk and biffed it. He was fine and dandy until he looked down and saw the teenciest weenciest bit of blood, then fine and dandy turned into ear ringing screams. This child does not do well with blood- he takes after his mother. I looked at his fingers, and they were definitely scraped . Between screams, he moans for a bandaid, and sure enough we were without one. The screaming continued even louder than before. He yelled at me. This was my fault, I'll have you know. I'm the one who makes him walk home from school. You can see his ribs, so he doesn't need the exercise. He demanded to go home. He needs a bandaid before his finger falls right off. All his words, not mine. Believe me. I would have la la loved to take him home, but I told Clee we were going to the park.
What's a mom to do? Empathize with the son who's injury has been blown way out of proportion? Or keep my promise to the son we'd go to the park so he could get his swing on?
If we go strait home so Andrew could get his beloved bandaid on, and Clee wouldn't understand why we didn't go the the park after I told him we would. That wouldn't end well.
But if we went on to the park, Andrew would cry and carry on the entire time we're there.
These are the tough decisions in life, and I had to react fast.
In the end I chose the park. Andrew was upset, even after we saw someone from church who gave us a bandaid. He was upset I didn't care enough to take him home in the first place.
The point is I couldn't win either way. I chose the park because that was the plan, and I told Clee that was the plan. When you have a child who very rarely expresses his wants without prompt, you act on it ergo giving him the idea that expressing his wants/needs isn't such a bad thing after all.
And mostly because Andrew will be back to his normal goofball self as soon as he gets home. Clee on the other hand would have carried on all.night.long- even if we went home first and then went to the park. It would screw up his day. Make that our day.
From this I've learned these two things. Remember to start putting bandaids in Andrew's backpack. And both of my boys are big time drama queens.


Tice said...

Sounds like all's well that ends well. All I know is that you do not want to upset Clee when it comes to his park and swinging.

ps-When are you coming to see us? Never?

Grandma Gerri said...

I say you made the right choice. NOW go put those bandaids in Andrew's back pack. I wonder were they picked up the drama queen thing????

Meg said...

As I read this, I was thinking, "what in the world would I do? What is SHE going to do?!". In the end, I am glad it wasn't me deciding. You made the best choice. I would have just sat down right there and burst into tears. ha! Thank goodness, my new "children" only bark. Ha! I can deal with that. Whew!

PS missing your blog!!!!