Saturday, April 9, 2011

For a few months now, Clee has been training hard with Mr. Reece in prep for the Special Olympics and today their hard work paid off. It was hot and the games were off to a late start, but Clee kept his cool for a good part of the day. Clee participated in the 50 meter run and the 25 meter run. He placed 2nd both times! Not too shabby for a first timer. I love his run/ skip. It pretty much brightens my day. He was beaming ear to ear with smiles. You could just tell he was extremely proud of himself, and rightfully so.
It was a neat experience to be able to cheer Clee on while he ran. In all honesty, I fought back the tears after his second race. As shallow as it may seem, never seeing my son participate in any kind of athletic activity was one of the first things I thought when we received the autism diagnosis. And to be able to cheer for him as he crossed the finish line was a precious moment for me to be a part of.

Mr Reece, Mr Trey, Ms Perkins, and Mrs Fuller are all pretty rad, and should get constant high hives for all the hard work they do.

What a special day for our special guy.

Mr. Reece sent this last picture to me. As if I didn't need more proof that this family cannot take a non-awkward photo to save our lives. Thank heavens for photoshop.
... It's a real good picture of Elaine, though.


Elaine said...

It was very moving to see the athletics walk around the track - they looked like the real thing - you know, how everyone is smiling and waving and looking toward the audience. There was even a torch! Clee was a lot more patience that me - I was so miserably hot - sitting in the stands facing the sun - have to be more prepared next time. But Clee was a good athlete, smiling, running - and do you see how Mr. Reese is always with Clee - he is a marvelous teacher - we appreciate him and Mr. Trey so much. Thank you!!

Grandma Gerri said...

Congrats Clee, I am so proud of you!!!! I wish I could have been there to cheer you on too. Thank you Mr Reese and Mr Trey and everyone else for all the help you give our very special boy. Love y'all.

Meg said...

That picture of Andrew giving Clee the "five" grasp is SO DARELING!!! Clee looks like a champ.

Karen said...

I am sorry I did not stay in the hot sun long enough to see the games, but Andrew and I had fun at the flee market and painting the chicken coop at Warner's house! Congratulations to Clee. We are so proud of him for winning 2nd place in his first Special Olympics!! Way to go, Clee!

Tice said...

I love everything about this post. Including that picture at the end. Mom rarely has her eyes opened during picture taking. :)