Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long story short: I was a major NSYNC fan from 1998- 2001. JC was my favorite.

The kids school have a reward program for good behavior. They can collect "high fives" and cash them in for miscellaneous items at their school store.
Emme, being the funny and thoughtful girl that she is, saw this at the store and just knew I had to have it.

It's a 2001 JC bobblehead. Oh yeah baby. She surprised me with it last night and we got a big laugh about it. She said her classmates were confused as to a) who NSYNC even was. And b) why would she want it's bobblehead.
We're in the midst of locating the perfect place around the house for him to call home. I'm sure Fiel thinks the perfect place would be behind the toilet seat, but that's no place for a once potential grammy award winner.
The best part of this gift is that JC comes with his very own certificate of authenticity. Ooooh. I better call my insurance agent and get this baby covered.

I knew taking Emme to an NSYNC concert via womb would make her a better person.


Elaine said...

Wow! Emme is such a good shopper! And a good listener if she knew you like the JC guy! You are so sweet, Emme, to surprise your mom like this. Love the certificate!

Grandma Gerri said...

To the ever thoughtful Emme great choice my dear! Can't wait to see this lovely little thing next time I visit. We all know what a great shopper you are and how much you love your mom. I know how much your mom loves this after living through her obsession with her for many years.

Meg Timberlake said...

This is TOO good to be true! Your daughter, giving you an *NSYNC anything is classic! Sad that it dates us. I feel like that was not that long ago, but oh was. HA! Ask her if she can get me a JT one. hahaha!

Tice said...

Your school must have the best school store ever. I mean ever.