Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The middle child goes by several different variations of his name.



Clemon F


C- Lemon

and now...


Maybe he's been watching too many informercials staring Lady Cleo the Psychic or just being silly. He and Mr. Reece spend many mornings one on one, and this particular morning they were spelling his name out with magnetic letters. Cleo Clee was off to a great start when he placed the C L E in perfect order, but then he placed an O after the E. Just when Mr. Reece was a about to correct him, he looked at Mr Reece, gave him a cheesy grin, and put the M between the E and O. He was just playin' with Mr. Reece. Of course he knows how to spell Clemon, uh hello... it is his name.

The coolest thing about this morning was while Mr Reece had his back to Clee, he was scrambling the letters and mixing them all up. Mr. Reece thought he was just playing with the letters the way he typically would, until he turned around and saw that Clemon spelt his name all on his own. No prompt- just being Mr. Independent. Mr Reece made a big deal about Clemon's accomplishment by telling Ms. Perkins, Mr. Trey, and the rest of Clemon's friends. I'm sure Clemon just loved being the center of this kind of positive reinforcement. For those who think Clemon doesn't know what's going on around him, this is just another awesome example of proving them wrong.

It's a great feeling knowing that when I send Clee off to school, I leave him in the care of people who see his full potential and get a great amount of joy from his accomplishments. I sure know how hard Mr Reece works, and everyday I'm grateful. We sure lucked out in the awesome teachers department for Clemon. Shoot, we've lucked out in that department with all three children. What are the odds?


Chris said...

I loves me some Cleo!

Grandma Gerri said...

Way to go Clee you spelled right and proved you have a sense of humor to boot!!!!!! Love this and I am very apprecative also for the wonderful teachers the kids have.

Meg said...

Seriously. Cool.

Elaine said...

I love all their teachers, too - CT, FL, church. And I love Clee's sense of humor! And I love that cheesy grin!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Why didn't we think of Cleo? I need to see Cleo, by the way.

Karen said...

That is so funny that he was tricking his teacher. I've known all along that he knows what is going on! What a smart quy he is!

Tice said...

He must get his sense of humor from me. I've always enjoyed a variation on my name. Ecit, Tic, Tyeese,'s a never-ending list really.