Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June brought us a lot of guests, and fun. For starters, I turned the big 3o. Turns out 30 isn't so bad after all. Who knew?
A few days later Lane and Ellie came in from Utah. Andrew was especially excited to see Lane. He says he misses his buddy. Luckily Rex is still here, he says.
We didn't seen much of Andrew almost the whole month of June because he was staying with Grammy and Papa. We almost had his mail forwarded over there. He didn't think that joke was funny.

There's been a lot of swimming since our summer began. I love that Clee can't catch a break with his swim trunks. They're either riding up or falling down.

Elaine and Karen had the idea to have a Tea party for all the June Birthday girls. Ellie loved it, Emme liked it, but would never admit it. You now... she's too cool for such things.

The spacecraft, Orion stopped in our town on it's tour and Andrew really wanted to check it out. He thought seeing and touching something that has actually been in outer space was the coolest thing ever! All the rest of the week he told me that he was going to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Between swimming, tea parties, and spacecrafts Clee has been busy with all day (you read that right. All. Day.) summer camp at his therapy office which kinda lead to our decision to pull him out of public school and place him in private school. It'll be the pilot year for his therapy services school and it really does seem to be the right fit for him. I'll elaborate on details later, but for now having a child in private school is the running joke in our household.

Emme has become quite the athlete in her old age. She started gymnastics this summer and loves it very much. And out of the blue she decided she loved basketball as well. Grammy signed her up for basketball camp and last week she went. She had the best time and learned a ton. She tried to explain basketball ball terminology to me but she lost me at hoop. She'll continue and Andrew will start gymnastics in the fall and Emme join the basketball team in the winter.

With all the guests gone back home we have a little time to recoup just in time for the next batch of guests to arrive. I'm sure we'll have lots of great adventures to share.

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Grandma Gerri said...

Actually I can't wait for you to be the guests!!