Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say hello to the newest baby Sirmans. So cute, right?

We had our ultrasound a few weeks back and I was on pins and needles days before. Almost everyone in the family thought our newest babe was a girl, but Andrew swore the babe was a boy. Either would be great, but lets be honest... this family is due for another girl.
We took Emme and Andrew to the ultrasound with us knowing this will be something they'll remember forever. It was going to be a happy memory we could share together... until the tech announced our sweet baby was a girl. While the room was filled with joy and full hearts, there was one little boy who was devastated digging his head into his Grammy's chest- hiding his tears from the tech.
He was mad and I mean MAD. It was mine and Emme's fault of course. Everyone in the building that day knew it was. I never expected him to react like that. All he wanted was a brother that would talk with words and actually want play with him. My heart hurt for my baby boy.
A few days later after he adjusted to life with a little sister on the way, he asked if we could name her Penny Lane. I was the bad guy again when I told him she already had a name and it wasn't linked to a Beatles song.
Side note, if you ever do want to name a baby after a Beatles song there are plenty to choose from. According to Andrew, there's Eleanor Rigby, Prudence (although he would't suggest it), Michelle, Lovely Rita, and Polythene Pam to name a few.
Flash forward to today, Andrew is good with being a big brother to a little sister. And the best part? Andrew will always remain my official baby boy. My heart is full once again.


Sally Sirmans said...

How adorable is Andrew. He has the saddest silent cry into Grammy's arms. He will love baby Leelee. He can teach her about the Beatles.

Tice said...

He'll eventually realize that there are perks to being the baby boy.

I totally should've named a child Eleanor Rigby. Where was Andrew when I was needing baby names?

Grandma Gerri said...

I love this little guy and I knew he would come around. What a sweety!!!!

Karen said...

Ahh I love this story! What a sweetheart, he will be such a good big brother!