Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The birth story of Eileen Natalie

Here is she is. Little Eileen Natalie Sirmans, sometimes referred to as Teeny weeny Eileeny, Leelee, Eilee, Tally, etc.

It's been 11 wonderful weeks since our sweet Eileen joined us, and it still doesn't seem real sometimes.

I've dreamt of her since Andrew was a toddler. It felt like our little family wasn't quite complete without her. After years of dreaming her up and years of her never becoming reality, I decided to let go of baby I dreamt about. A mother of 3 was my path even though Sally, Tice, my mom, and grandma begged to differ. Sally and Tice have predicted for years that "Leelee" would come around the time Clee was 10, and my grandma, Natalie has always told me I needed another little girl. As much as I hate to admit it, I was starting to doubt everyones intuitions.  

My Grandma died last April and boom... I was shockingly pregnant in October. I was actually carrying the baby I longed for, but never thought I'd get. I'd like to think that when my grandma went to heaven, she saw Eileen there and told her to go on to us. In other words I'd like to think my grandma kicked Eileen out of heaven. 

The pregnancy was off to a rocky start. I. Was. Sick. So sick. I have never experienced much morning sickness with my others so it came as unexpected torture. I was uninsured. So uninsured. I had my moments of flipping out having to think this baby would be born at home-  san drugs because I was a big baby who couldn't afford the hospital. Luckily there's a thing called ObamaCare and I was able to get on the governments pre existing insurance plan. Say what you want about ObamaCare, but as for me? Big fan. 

The rest of the pregnancy went fine and dandy until we got to that pesky, hot and humid month of June. Ugh. My hands were swollen. My feet were swollen. My back hurt nonstop. I was so ready to give birth and feel human again. 
That glorious day was scheduled for June 26. Fiel, Emme, Elaine, and Lori were all going to witness the birth. 
We were scheduled to be admitted at 6am, but 10 minutes before we were in the clear to go to the hospital, we received a call letting us know the hospital was overbooked. It was Emme all over again. We decided to all take Clee to camp that morning, and we got the call to come in on the way there. I was a happy camper. 
It took a few hours to get everything up and running, and by noon we were all guessing times that Eileen would make her debut. Some said 3pm, others thought 5pm, but 3pm and 5pm passed and I wasn't even dilated to a 3. We were all trying to come up wit ways to pass the time. We sang the first chorus line to Come On Eileen in hopes it would coax her into hurrying her down the birth canal. After all, at that moment- she meant everything. 
Fiel, Elaine, and Emme played on their ipads. I was texting my mom and the aunties in Utah updates. Lori worked diligently on finishing the quilt she had quilted for Eileen. By 6pm I thought my had water broke, but it was just my peeing my pants. 
Elaine was able to attend Rex's graduation from the police academy that night and come back to us... still waiting. At 10pm my midwife, Sheridan came in to brake my water (for real this time). It was all systems go from there. The contractions were getting more constant and painful. I felt wonderful knowing my good old friend Mr. epidural had my back. 
The night turned into the early morning. By 3am I felt the urge to push. We were getting down to business. Fiel and Emme were up by me as I pushed, and Elaine and Lori positioned themselves front and center for a birds eye view. I quite enjoyed their commentary in between pushes. My favorite came from Elaine when she saw the top of Eileen's head and said, "...Is that a rock?". I would have bursted into laughter if it weren't for my diligent pushing every few seconds. After a few minutes of pushing I heard Ms Sheridan say, "we have ourselves a baby girl!". 

She held her up and she was even more beautiful then I dreamt her to be. Eileen Natalie, named after my Great Granny Eileen, and my Grandma Natalie, came into this world on June 27th 2012 at 3:38am weighing 7 lbs 11oz 19 and a half inches tall. Everyone huddled over her in the tiny baby bed, cooing at the newest Sirmans while the nurses cleaned her off. It was a very special moment to have shared with all of them, especially Emme. Emme was such a proud sissy. I loved watching my eldest baby girl holding my youngest. Elaine and Emme stayed by Eileen's side through the weighing, measuring, and
bathing. We were all so in love with our sweet little Eileen. 
By sunrise everyone left to get some much needed rest and it was just me and mine. I must have kissed her a billion times on those squishy soft cheeks of hers. I must have replied to Andrew's iMessages just as many times. 

The next few days were filled with visitors wanting to meet our our chubby cheeked cherub. Fiel and I made the wise decision to keep Clee away from the hospital so he could meet his new sister in a familiar and comfortable environment. When he did meet her he was all like, meh. No worries, she's grown on him since. 
Eileen had visitors galore, but their was only one who I was eagerly wanting to come. The baby of our family for the past 7 years, Andrew. I spent many nights wondering how he would take having his baby title taken away from him. He played that roll of baby of the family down to a T. My mind was filled with ease when he came into the room with that huge squinty eyed grin of his and a badge on his shirt that said "Big Brother" and for once in his life, he looked like he was made for that roll...

... And once he had his little sister in his arms, I knew he was most certainly made for that roll. 

Welcome to our family, my sweet little Eileeny. You've made our family complete and our hearts filled. 


Sally Sirmans said...

I've been waiting on baby Leelee for years. So glad she's here! Love that baby girl!

Grandma Gerri said...

I'm so glad she is here I always hoped I would have two of each and now I do. I can't wait to see her and all of you in November it seems so far away. I love all of you.

Tice said...

I'm in love with that baby girl!

Karen said...

Sweet story. So glad I was able to have you guys living in Tallahassee so I could experience it too. It was so great see all of her visitors come and go????? Love having you guys as our neighbors and being able to watch this special little girl grow up. You have really been blessed in so many ways. I am so happy for you.

Meghan said...

Way to go and make me cry with your post! Wah! I love your family. Eileen is a doll and a blessing. I loved seeing your older kids with their new little sister. She seems to fit right in. I am SO HAPPY for you Natalie. You are an example to me of so many wonderful things in life and I am grateful for that. Now...bring that little cherub to UTAH!

Kim said...

cried at that line above the last picture. Your baby girl is so beautiful, just like all of your babies:) Welcome again, Baby Eileen!

Brittany said...

Such a sweet post. You guys have the cutest babies! Eileen is one lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby girl. I pray that God blesses her with a happy and healthy life. I happened to find this blog when I googled my name. I was surprised to discover that I am no longer the only Eileen Sirmans in the world. If you ever make it to Jacksonville, FL please look me up. I would love to meet the other Eileen.