Friday, September 5, 2008

Counting on mommy

How many times does your child say the word "mommy" in a day? It seems like Andrew says "mommy" once or twice in just about every sentence he speaks.
  • "Mommy, I want to get on computer, Mommy" 
  • "Mommy, bahmember (remember) when we listened to Jesse McCartney, mommy?"
  • "Mommy the creepy store was closed (halloween store) last night, Mommy." 
  • "Mommy I'm hungry and firsty (thirsty) and have to go to the bathroom, mommy!"
  • "Can I wear my operation overdrive costume (power rangers), mommy?"
  • "Flush the toilet, mommy. I'm too scared of it, mommy."
Don't get me wrong. I love and adore my Andrew, and I'm thankful that he can even say mommy. But by the end of some days, I cringe by the sound of his little voice calling for me. Sad, I know. Lets not judge though, okay?
Yesterday, Fiel and I were joking about how often he says "mommy", and it got me thinking.
How many times does he really say "mommy' in one whole day? Today I decided to make note and count how many times he says it throughout our day.
And the grand total is...
216 mommy's from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.Boy howdy that's a lot of calling out for yours truly. 
Maybe he's just making up for the lack of Clee verbally calling me mommy? Yeah, lets go with that one. At least I know I'm needed, right?


Tice said...

Don't feel too bad. Yesterday I was at the park with the keeds and they were playing the overrated "Mom! Look at me!" game. You know the one. Where they say that over and over and over and over until you think you're gonna scream and then you realize you're in a public place and you compose yourself.

What I'm saying is: I feel what you're saying. In fact, I have a kid or two screaming, "Mommy!" right now. Guess I should tend to that...

april said...

i'm so with you on this one. i sometimes whisper to my kids "say daddy" or "ask daddy" if pat is home. i tire of it too.

The Bowes said...

You always make me laugh I love it! At least he doesn't yell it. That's the only way Sabrina knows how to say it.