Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I did 50 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym today. I'm already sore, ie fiercely outta shape.
Five things that stuck out in my mind at the gym:

1. Regis and Kelly was on one of their tvs with the subtitles. Kelly said she sometimes lies about her weight. For realz? Because 100 lbs is too big? Is she even 100 lbs? Psh, girl please.

2.Tiny Fey will always be Liz Lemon to me. (she was the guest on R and K) I heart Liz Lemon.

3. I witnessed 3 women and 2 men come and go from the tanning beds. One was in there for almost 20 minutes. They looked so unnatural, but not in the hot Cullen sort of way. I can't believe I used to be a religious fake tanner. Horrible.

4. Another sign of getting old, I fancied Carlisle Cullen in New Moon- not Edward.

5. A girl can handle only so much Gaga, NSYNC, and Cobra Starship on her "workin' it out" playlist. I need some new workout music. Glee's rendition of Gold Digger is still fantastic, btw.


Grandma Gerri said...

Have fun!

april said...

love your thoreau quote. jim gaffigan is hysterical. really, kelly, you need to weigh a little more before lying! (btw - i swear regis & kelly was on cbs or nbc the other day. is it no longer on abc?) sadly, i still have to see new moon. but yes, i have reached that age where young boys don't make any beat in my heart flutter - especially young guys in tight, skinny jeans! bleh!

p.s. happy belated birthday to emme! yes, do be a little more careful with the hair bleach next time. or better yet, next time fly here and we'll have angela fix it!

Tice said...

You naughty girl with your former fake tanning. I'm glad you've come around on that front. I've tried tan. It's not a good color on me. I came up with the pale vampire look long before the Cullens made it popular.