Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You can think me lame, but I'm in la la L O V E with Hey Soul Sister by Train. I think this song should be Jukebox's new jam. CF can learn to play the ukelele in lickity spilt. There is a ukelele in this song, right?
... *shrugging shoulders*

Update: According to the music video, Howie Mandel joined Train and plays the ukelele.


Kim & Stace said...

yes! thank you for this post! Because I heard this song yesterday and I was like "STACE! I LOVE THIS SONG! Who sings it?!" and it was a total mystery! thank you for filling me in:)

and PS: I totally agree about the Jukebox idear:)

Tice said...

Gurl, I already admitted my love for this whole album. Ergo if you is lame then so is I. And Jukebox would tear.it.up.amazing style. You know... I like a man who can play the ukelele.

natalie said...

Kim tell Stace its time to download the shazam app on his iPhone. :)

Grandma Gerri said...

I like this song too. But then you think I'm lame already.